Want to play roulette with a better chance of winning? Learn the 3 Plus 2 Roulette System! You will be able to play for extended period of time and make a small profit if you run good. Your odds of winning can be increased by 2-1 using this system.

If you are a regular on the roulette table, you should know that the table has 3 columns. The first one has 6 red and black spaces, the second column has 4 red and 8 black spaces, and the third one has 8 red and 4 black spaces. As for payout, betting on either colour nets you 1-1 while a winning column lays the odds of 2-1.

Here comes the secret of the 3 Plus 2 Roulette System: bet on red and the middle column. Now, you money will be on 18 different numbers plus another 8 black numbers. The betting amount should be something like 3 chips on red and 2 chips on the middle column. If the winning number is a red but not in the middle column, your overall profit will be 1 chip since betting on red nets you 3 chips but you only suffer a 2 chip deficit for losing on the column bet. If a black number in the middle column is the winner, you win 4 chips for betting on the right column and profit 1 chip effectively, since your 3 chip bet on red is lost. Of course, if the winning number happens to be a red in the second column, you will win a total of 7 chips!

As you can see, the 3 Plus 2 Roulette System is a slow and steady formula which won’t make you big money in a short term. Follow this method and you can sit down and enjoy some roulette without losing all in a few minutes.

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