This system works on the fact that some roulette wheels have a bias. Many wrongly believe a  theory that the winning numbers tend to be even when a right handed dealer is in charge of spinning the roulette wheel. This though of course is not true.

Here are the rules to this roulette system:

  1. Bet on the number which hit on the previous spin, as well as the 4 numbers adjacent to it on the wheel. For instance, if the number chosen is 0, you will bet on 14, 2, 28 and 9 as well.
  2. The number directly opposite to 0 is 00, and you will bet on it too. Check the 4 numbers beside 00 on the wheel (10, 27, 1 and 13), and you shall also place a bet on them.
  3. You will only begin to bet when one of the 10 numbers hit. Place bets for the subsequent 2 spins and if you hit within those 2, continue betting until you fail to win for 2 consecutive times.

This roulette system works best on a European roulette table, and if you are playing on an American roulette table, there may be some adjustments to be made so that the system can still perform equally well.

When you are winning many times in a row, follow the streak until signs of losing start to show. By then you should be ready to cash out and end you session.

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