Cold Numbers Roulette System

In the world of roulette, most systems will advocate betting on numbers which have won in the previous few spins, with the intention to follow the streak. However, when those numbers fail to come up as expected, your stack of chips will be going down the drain, especially since most of the time such numbers will simply strike twice, then stop coming up for the rest of your session.

In order to profit, you must understand how to distinguish between the numbers which will repeat and those which will simply stop appearing. Then again, it is impossible to do so, therefore the best way is to first look out for the numbers which have not won for the last 20 rounds.

The general pattern on most roulette tables is that people will bet on the numbers which won previously, but these numbers usually will not strike again and so they will switch to betting other numbers after losing a few rounds. What you should be doing is to bet on numbers which have not shown up for the last 30 rounds and there must be 6 or less numbers that have not hit during the last 30 rounds.

After you have recorded the results of 30 spins and there are 6 or less numbers that have not appeared. Bet 1 chip on each of the 6 or less numbers. If you don’t hit then bet 2 chips on each number. Again if you don’t hit bet 3 chips on each number. If after 3 rounds you still have not hot bet 4 chips on each number.  If after 4 rounds you still have not hit then you must return to the start of the system and simply record the numbers over 30 spins.

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