The Dozens Roulette System has gained huge fame in the world of online roulette since its appearance and has proven to be really effective in making big profits over a short span of time. The theory is that some online casinos are using imperfect random number generators, in an attempt to make their roulette games seem unbiased. Nonetheless, the Dozens System has shown to be a great asset in reducing the house edge significantly.

To maximize the effectiveness of the  Dozens System, here are the procedures to follow:

You should already know that in roulette, there are 36 numbers (excluding 0 and 00) to bet on. Now, separate the numbers into 3 different groups: the first 12 numbers ‘small’, 13 to 24 ‘mid’ and the last 12 ‘big’. With that in mind, you can start spinning the wheel without placing a bet. When the resulting number appears, record the group name which it belongs to (small, mid and big). Repeat this step (spin and record) until a unique phenomenon appears: a particular group not showing up in 5 spins in a row.

It’s time to start betting on that group when you notice that. Below is a table depicting the betting method to follow:

nth bet                 Bet amount        Profit

1                              $1                           +$2

2                              $2                           +$3

3                              $3                           +$2

4                              $4                           +$2

5                              $6                           +$2

6                              $9                           +$2

7                              $13                         +$1

8                              $20                         +$2

9                              $30                         +$2

10                           $45                         +$2

11                           $67                         +$1

The important thing to remember is that you must strictly follow the above sequence when betting, adhering to the amount to bet and bet on the same group each time. The Dozens System will fail to make long term consistent profit if you deviate from the pattern.

There is only a 0.008% chance that you don’t win in 11 spins. Once you manage to win a bet, stop and go back to the initial stage, recording down the group name without betting and wait for the unique phenomenon to appear again.

By applying the Dozens System, the house edge has been overcome and you can expect consistent profit. You may be winning small each time, but long term profit will come since you can make a few hundred spins over the hour.