Although it is extremely rare, there are times when a particular number wins twice out of 10 consecutive spins. You would have made a huge profit if you had bet on that number during that streak. In online casinos, roulette games are simulated using a random number generator, which some people believe to be a more unbiased game than a live roulette wheel in brick-and-mortar casino. It is due to the fact that the generator has to ensure that every number will pop up over a decent enough sample to demonstrate its randomness, unlike the case in a live casino when you can never really be sure about a number being a winner over a certain number of rounds. Known as “number allocated occurrence probability”, many actually think the randomness actually does follow a pattern if you study. I will say now that I do not believe in this way of thinking.

Since the random number generator will make sure that every number will be a winner at some point, as long as you keep betting on one specific number, you will hit it eventually. It may take up to 70 spins or more, or you may be lucky hitting your number twice during the course of 10 spins. Of course, it is unrealistic to bet on the same number forever and expect a profit, so you need to follow the guidelines drawn up under the Hit Zero  Roulette System.

You already know that the numbers will all come up over a pre-determined number of spins. Hence, by betting on both black and red in each spin, you will break even until the 0 strikes. By doing so many believe that  the random number generator will realize that you have money on the winning colour, and start to allocate  zero to come up more often than normal. To profit from this, you will follow a set formula of bet amounts on black, red and 0. This Hit Zero Roulette System has been applied rigorously at online casinos with some claiming amazing results although I’m far from convinced. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. First 30 rounds

$1 each on both black and red, $2 on 0

If 0 comes up within the first 10 rounds, you would have hit your target of $50 profit and should end your session for the day. You would make $30 if you win within 20 rounds, and $10 within 30 rounds. If 0 never comes up at all, proceed to the next step.

  1. Next 10 rounds

$1 each on both black and red, $3 on 0

Once you win here, you would have made at least $16, and as much as $122 if 0 happens to come up twice.

If you still miss the 0 in this step, then the system dictates that you have a high probabilility to hit zero at least 2 to 3 times for the subsequent 30 to 60 rounds.

  1. Next 10 rounds

$1 each on both black and red, $4 on 0

From this step onwards, the 0 should strike within the next 30 to 60 rounds. You just have to follow the betting pattern as depicted. If you are able to win twice in this step, your profit would be at least $130.

  1. Next 10 rounds

$1 each on both black and red, $6 on 0

  1. Next 10 rounds

$1 each on both black and red, add $2 for every 10 rounds on 0

By following the Hit Zero Roulette System, you can keep on playing until you hit zero. Always remember though, never chase your deficits and adhere strictly to the steps described above. Also never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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