Many people have purchased systems just like the Hot Streak Roulette  System and have enjoyed profitable sessions. You aim to win 20 chips each day, starting with 50 chips and follow the steps to be winning in the long run. Once you hit your daily target, you should stop playing for the day.

To start off, you should not bet until a colour shows up twice consecutively which signals the start of our betting action. The streak will officially begin and our objective is to bet that the streak will continue. To start simply place a bet of 15 chips on that colour and another bet of 3 chips on 0, which is 20% of the bet amount on selected colour. Regardless of whether you win the first bet, you will continue betting until you lose. You should though reduce the bet size on the colour to 5 chips and 1 chip on 0. As long as you keep winning, you will continue to increase the bets by 1 each time, and always drop back to the lowest once you have to go beyond betting 3 chips on 0.

It is important to maintain the bet size on the 0 to be 20% of the amount you bet on colour. Whenever you are waiting for a streak to occur, you should still bet 1 chip on 0 at all times. In the rare event that your first 2 bets have all lost thrice consecutively after a streak has come up, you should change strategy by betting that different colours will appear twice in a row until you lose. Let’s say 2 blacks have won, so you will bet on red twice, then black twice, and repeat until you lose before switching back to the original plan.

Remember, you should always end your game once you are up 20 chips. It may take more than 100 spins to achieve this target, as you will be facing a deficit of more than 30 chips at times.

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