Before you play Three Card Poker at the very least you need to understand the Three Card Poker hand rankings. Play Three Card Poker using our free play Three Card Poker game to gain a good understanding of the hand rankings.

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Straight Flush – Payout Odds 40/1

A straight flush is simply a sequence of three cards of the same suit. Remember an ace can be high or low.

Herz Dame Herz König Herz As

Three of a Kind – Payout Odds 30/1

Three of a kind is simply three cards of the same rank.

Kreuz Dame Herz Dame Karo Dame

Straight – Payout Odds 6/1

Kreuz 7 Herz 8 Karo 9

Flush – Payout Odds 4/1

Three cards of the same suit.

Kreuz 7 Kreuz 2 Kreuz 9

Pair – Payout Odds 1/1

Two cards of the same rank with any other card.

Kreuz 4 Pik 4 Kreuz 9

High Card – Payout Odds 1/1

When you have nothing and you simply count your highest card.

Kreuz As Pik 4 Herz 9