D’Alembert Blackjack System Explained

Named after a prominent French mathematician who was infamous for his prolific gambling,  D’Alembert Blackjack System a very popular primarily because of the gentle learning curve associated with it which makes it very easy to learn and get to grips with. In order to use this system, all the player has to do is follow this basic approach:

If the player manages to secure a victory then they will reduce the value of their wager by a single unit, and if they suffer a loss then they will be required to increase the value of their wager by a single unit.

It should be noted that no less than three separate modern day betting systems for blackjack rely upon this very model. The following is intended as a breakdown and overview of how exactly the D’Alembert is used.
Initial bet: the player will wager 5 units ,win, then they will reduce the value of their next bet to 4 units (in keeping with the stipulation that the player reduces their bet by 1 unit)

Next bet: the player will wager 4 units, win, then they will reduce the value of their next bet to 3 units (same as above)

Next bet: the player will wager 3 units, lose then they will increase the value of their next bet to 4 units (in keeping with the stipulation that the player increases their bet by 1 unit)

In the example specified thus far, by virtue of the fact that the bet has been reduced this means that we have only lost 3 units whereas whenever we have managed to secure a win, the sum of the two wins were 9, averaging at 4.5 overall. Therein lies the magic and strength of this particular betting system, the player can always be guaranteed that the value of their last win will always exceed the value of their last loss.

Obviously, if the total value of the losses incurred thus far happen to outweigh the total value of the wins that have been secured thus far, then the player will lose. That said, the benefit here is that the player will not lose as high a margin than if they were to engage in strictly linear, flat betting.

Before ever attempting to utilise this particular type of betting system, you must ensure that you only ever begin with a unit amount which will enable you to comfortably decrease the value of your wager as and when required.  This system is a very safe one (which is what makes so attractive) and the reason that it is so safe is that it is designed in such a way that the consumer does not ever suffer too high a loss, or a win.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy balance is one of the defining features of the D’Alembert system of betting and it is for this reason then that is has given birth to the so called “equilibrium theory.”

However, one drawback of the system is that it does not actually permit the player to be able to fully exploit a winning streak to generate additional profits and in an attempt to resolve this very issue, there was the development of the so called Reverse D’Alembert.

As the name would perhaps initially suggest, the Reverse D’Alembert is a betting system whereby the value of the bets will be increased in the event that the player wins, and duly reduced if they should suffer a loss. In practical terms then what this means is that there is a process of positive progression for the player and so if the player is enjoying a run of good luck then they can advantage of that. If, on the other hand, they are suffering major losses, then they will be able to achieve effective damage control by minimising their losses.

Like anything else in life, this system is not perfect and so its major weakness is clearly demonstrated where the outcome of each of the wagers made by the player are variable and not affixed to any particular pattern.
Ultimately, both of these systems are very safe to use and rely upon, and indeed, the player can be assured that they need not worry about the grim possibility of losing a major amount of their bankroll. The downside to this is that the player will also only ever enjoy marginal wins.

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