1236 Blackjack Betting System Explained

Blackjack betting systems are the friend of all blackjack players, irrespective of the extent of their skill or experience, because they help guide the player and make a better, more informed decision about the best way forward. When memorised and committed to memory, they provide the player with a helpful and convenient point of reference which will help to anchor the player and ensure that they do not engage in unnecessary risks.

One blackjack betting system which is popular at quality online casinos such as Virgin Casino and 7Red Casino, is the so called 1236 Blackjack Betting System which also happens to be what is commonly referred to as a “positive progression system” of betting.  If you are somewhat bemused and bewildered as to the origins of the moniker of this system, allow me to explain.

The 1-3-2-6 in the name refers to the so called “unit bets” that the player is advised to make during the progression of the game, and these unit bets themselves have been specifically developed with the mandate of minimising the risk to the player as much as possible. Specifically, if a player does decide to follow this particular blackjack betting system then they will begin with 1 unit, followed by 3, then 2 and then finally concluding with 6.

Put simply, this particular blackjack system works like this. In the event that the player manages to secure a victory and thus wins their bet, they will then wager the next unit amount in the chain. Say for example, a player decides to play cautiously and so wagers at a base rate of $1 per round, and if they win, then the value of the bankroll they are playing with will double.

Assuming that the player has won, the next bet they place will be a unit of 3, so the player will bet $3 which means that they will earn $6 if they win, and lose $1 if they do not win.  The next bet, which is of a unit of 2 will ensure that the player only places a bet of 2 units,  which will provide them with a marginal increase if they win, and a marginal loss if they lose. This way, the player will be able to avoid two of the worst extremes when it comes to gambling: either getting a big loss, or a big win.

The reason for this is that whether a player gets a very high loss or a very win, they will push their luck and continue to wager more money and so they either wipe out a winning streak, or end up throwing good money after bad (luck).

The 1236 Blackjack Betting System sounds confusing and challenging, but the simple truth of the matter is that it has been specifically designed to allow a person to wager freely, without having to worry about significant losses. Therefore, it is safe to say then that the 13261236 Blackjack Betting System  is intended as a legitimate means of limiting the risk that the player will face.