Blackjack Parlay Betting System Explained

The type of wagering system that is relied upon by a player will be directly influenced by the wagering systems that the casino in which they are currently betting in, allows. After all, there is no point attempting to use a particular betting system if it violates the rules of the casino and will therefore result in you being forcibly ejected from the premises. Let me firstly say the Blackjack Parlay Betting System is allowed at Virgin Casino for (UK and many Euro players) and at 7Red Casino for players from anywhere in the world.

One of the most common types of betting system that the casinos will typically allow is the so called Blackjack Parlay Betting System and the reason for this is that the player who uses this system will bet the full balance of their current winnings with each and every new bet they make. For the gambler, the Parlay betting system is an attractive one by virtue of the fact that the player can use it with any bankroll.

On the other hand, the casino favours the Parlay betting system because it forces the player to bet all of their current winnings which means that if the player has a bad match, or does not draw the cards that they need, they will lose their full balance. This can be a sizeable amount of money, which goes immediately back to the casino.

The Parlay blackjack betting system also goes by another name: the pyramid betting scheme. The reason for this is rather curious choice of name is due to the fact that the player will start with their initial bet (which is the tip of the metaphorical pyramid) and each consequent bet will be the initial bet plus the value of their winnings thus far.

Say for argument’s sake, a player decides to wager $10 on a single round of blackjack and they are successful which means that they net themselves $20. However, if the player should ever find that they end up losing when they place their original bet, then according to the precepts of the Parlay system they are then required to place another bet which is equal to the value of the original amount.

In other words, if a player bets $50 and loses, then their next bet is required to be $50.

Despite the fact that the Parlay system happens to be one of the most commonly recognised, not to mention frequently used, betting systems around for blackjack, it is a fairly controversial system indeed. One of the major criticisms of the Parlay system is that there is a tendency for players to become over confident and cocky with their victories, meaning that they remove themselves from the consequences (both actual and potential) of their decisions.

In other words, the player gets too greedy and so ends up losing an otherwise very profitable turn of luck by refusing to know when to quit whilst they are ahead. Therefore, in the interests of preventing precisely this unpleasant possibility, it is strongly recommended that if a blackjack player does decide to use this system that they make sure that they cash out often.

Utilise this basic safety measure, and you will really bolster your bankroll!