Blackjack Paroli Betting System Explained

For as long as blackjack has been around, players who indulge in it have relied upon a variety of different betting systems in an attempt to not only improve their skill and experience, but to also improve their chances of ultimate success. The Blackjack Paroli Betting System is allowed at quality online casinos such as Virgin Casino, which should always be the first choice for UK players, whilst 7Red Casino which is ideal for our US readers also allows the use of the Paroli Betting System.

Without a shadow of doubt, one of the most commonly used and relied upon system for blackjack wagers is the Blackjack Paroli Betting System  which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Parlay system. Indeed, to the novice, the two are undistinguishable.  If you have used the Martingale system of betting and have reservations about it, please do not let your negative experience unbalance you too much.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Blackjack Paroli Betting System is that it relies upon what is known as “positive progression”, and one of the great benefit of positive progression is that it can be competently applied to any size of bankroll. Ten dollars or ten million dollars, it makes no discernable difference to the Paroli system.

Thankfully, unlike other betting systems, the Blackjack Paroli Betting System will require the gambler to make an initial bet (which can be as little as the current minimum bid required for that particular game of blackjack).

If a player is successful in winning their round the full balance of the money that they have earned by virtue of their victory will then be invested in an additional wager, and the purpose of the Paroli betting system is to comfortably provide gamblers the opportunity to be able to double their winnings. Therein lies the crucial difference between the Paroli and Parlay system.

What if the player loses their hand when using the Paroli system? The next round that they play will require that the amount they wager is equal to the sum they wagered in the previous round. Therefore, if in round 5 a player wagered $10 and lost, then they would be required to bet $10 in round 6.

If you decide to play with online casinos, then you should ensure that you perform your due diligence and only choose a casino that actually allows the player to wager in this manner. The reason that this is of such concern is due to the fact that the Paroli system is one of the safest methods of wagering around.

Please note that the Paroli system is not perfect, and one of the critical flaws of it is that it can encourage a player to continue playing….even where and when it is not in their best interests to do so.  One foolish play, one bad hand, one lucky blackjack for the dealer is all it takes to completely wipe out a solid winning streak and the progress (not to mention the profit) made thus far.

Just remember that the actual odds of a player being able to win consecutive hands of blackjack in  a sequential manner is extremely remote.  Therefore, the onus must fall upon the player to ensure that they take care, and know when to walk away to protect their winnings.