Fibonnaci Blackjack Betting System Explained

If you want to survive any length of time during your gambling bouts, you need to be prepared and indeed, willing, to ration your bankroll carefully. Therefore, staking your entire bankroll on a single round is foolish in the extreme. You do not have to rely upon an especially complex or sophisticated betting system, even simply restricting yourself to wagering a maximum limit of $5 per round will suffice.

One of the best systems around, and which also happens to be my favourite so perhaps I am biased, is the Fibonnaci Betting System which in my opinion, is a lot safer and more secure than many of the other betting systems out there. This does not mean to say that the Fibonacci sequence is devoid of any risks whatsoever, but it does happen to have a lot less.

For the sake of argument, let us assume that you are starting out with a bankroll that has a current total value of $2,000. You decide that you want to play blackjack, some slots, perhaps baccarat and finish off with roulette. In order to allow yourself the option of playing them all, you decide to divide your bankroll on an equal basis which means that each game will have $500 earmarked for it.

The $500 is your total bankroll amount for each of the games, and in order to ensure that your bankroll goes further, you decide that you will bet $5 per round. Please note that it is imperative that you learn your limits, and strictly adhere to them. Identify the maximum amount of money you want to win, how much you would be prepared to lose, and take it from there. Do not deviate from these figures, otherwise, you leave yourself wide open to potential problems as you get reckless and too emotionally involved.

One of the most defining features of the Fibonacci Sequence is that you can always determine the next digit in a sequence of numbers by adding together the last two digits, as the following example will demonstrate:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

As noted earlier, for the purpose of this scenario we have set a cap at $500 and have determined  that we will wager $5 per hand. When you add all the numbers in the above sequence, you get 100 (100 hands we can wager on).

According to the guidance of the Fibonacci System, every time that the player incurs a loss they are required to move up one number on their sequence. If they should win a round, then they will go down two numbers on their sequence.

In our scenario, we are starting at the beginning of our sequence (1) and we are defeated by a narrow margin as the dealer turns over 18 as opposed to our 17. Therefore, this means that using this betting system the next number we will be using is again, 1. We lose again, and so we the next bet we place will be worth 2 units, or in monetary terms, $10.

Let us say for the sake of argument we lose. That would mean that we then move up the ladder again by one number and so we are at 3 which means that we wager 3 units, or $15.

We turn a corner and manage to secure a win (at long last!). According to the rules of this betting system we are then required to go down two numbers in the sequence which means that we are now resting at 1 unit. So far, our grand running total stands at $20 that has been lost, and $15 that has been won. If we were to secure a victory in the next round, we would end up slightly ahead.

Many people have reported that they get a tremendous amount of pleasure using this system primarily because it forces them to continually think and audit what they are doing, and carefully consider their strategy at all times. Remember, only use this betting system if you are actually comfortable with it!

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