Labouchere Blackjack System Explained

Many blackjack players typically devote a significant amount of their energy to researching methods and strategies designed to boost the quality of the playing decisions that they make. However, it should be noted that whilst they are often confused for the same thing, the manner in which a blackjack player bets, and the manner in which they play are two distinct entities.

That is why there is a great deal of coverage on the specific issue of the so called “betting systems” and one of the most well known and influential of all of these system happens to be the Labouchere Card Counting System. So popular is this system, that there is a plethora of different nicknames and methods of referral for it.

Whatever name you decide to call it, please make sure that you get to grips with one of the most fundamental aspects of it: this system is a progressive system that moves in a negative manner.  Please be aware that whilst there are a number of different forms in which the system can and indeed does take, we will consider the most simplistic one for now.

First off, the player will need to write down a series of numbers on some paper. The numbers can be chosen at random, and there is absolutely no requirement for the player to ensure that there is any degree of correlation or pattern to them, 100% random numbers are fine for their purposes.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that we have a series of numbers at our disposal and these clock in at 1 3 1 4 4 1 6 5.

The player will begin their wagering by adding together the first and final number in their chain of numbers and the total that that addition provides is the number of betting units that the player will wager for that round. If the player is successful and manages to secure a win, they will then strike off those numbers from the list and move down the chain.

This would mean that our chain of numbers would go from 1 3 1 4 4 1 6 5 to 3 1 4 4 1 6.

Obviously, it is not possible to win every time we submit an offer and so what do we do in the event that the player suffers a lose?

Again, for the sake of argument, let us use the same chain of numbers we specified earlier(the 1 3 1 4 4 1 6 5 chain). If we lose, we do not remove the numbers from our list; instead, we will add them together and hen then add that total figure to the chain. This means that 1+5=6 which is added to the chain. Then, when it is time for us to make our next bet we will use the first and last digits as already specified.

If you decide to make use of the reverse Labouchere system then the crucial difference is that the progression process is a positive rather than negative one.

When using the reverse Labouchere Blackjack Card Counting System, in the event that the player secures a victory they will add the number used to the end of the number sequence they are using.  If they suffer a loss then they are required to eliminate the numbers and then proceed to make use of the outside digits.

One of the major drawbacks with the Labouchere system is that it requires the player to keep actively making higher value bets. This is problematic because the bankroll of the player may not extend that far, and there may also be an artificial cap in place by virtue of the rules of the casino.

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