Rever Blackjack System Explained

Lawrence Revere, widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent, well-respected and adept blackjack players and strategists around who managed to acquire something of a cult and loyal following by virtue of the fact that he provided a remarkable amount of information in a very easy to understand and digest format.

A major reason that Revere was able to achieve such remarkable and commendable results was by virtue of the fact that he was able to draw upon his experience from both sides of the blackjack table. By far, one of his greatest triumphs was the drafting of the book, “Playing Blackjack as a Business” which received cult success for a variety of reasons.

Revere spent a considerable portion of time carefully outlining and explaining the various systems of blackjack that existed, and did so in a manner that was easy enough for a novice to learn, whilst advanced enough to be of use to a veteran and intermediate player. The inclusion of charts that also happened to be colour coded was far from some mere gimmick, but a potent learning aid.

Revere’s book had a major omission in it, and that was the notable absence of the Revere 14 Count, a highly useful betting system devised by the man himself, and which, even to this day, continues to be in high demand.

Part of the problem with the Revere 14 Count system is that whilst an unparalleled power for the blackjack player, it also demanded as much from the player as it took and so the user had to ensure that they actually understood the system before applying it in a more universal manner. Specifically, the 14 Count system happens to be classified as a level 4 system.

One of the criticisms often levelled against the Revere 14 Count game is that you are required to have a decent mental aptitude concerning the values apportioned to the cards in the deck, and the cards 2,3 and 6 are given a value of +2, the 4 is treated as having a value of +3 and the 5 is a +4.

7s are given the value +1 and all the ten value cards are given the value of -3. Eight and Aces are not included in the equation, by virtue of their neutral value status. However, Revere, strongly recommends that the player should ensure that they maintain a side count of the Aces played thus far, to ensure that they maintain accurate readings.

There can be no denying that the Revere System is a sophisticated and useful system, which will allow the player to be able to identify round 65% of all situations where a change in the Basic Strategy would be advisable.  When it comes to the betting, this system is a little limited, in that it provides the player with a correlation of .92 (92%)

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