Revere Advanced Point Blackjack System  Explained

For those who thought the Revere 14 Count System was complex and difficult to learn, the Revere Advanced Point Count may be even more complicated.

If you have ever attempted to learn the Revere 14 count system and struggled to do so by virtue of the steep learning curve associated with it, then you are going to have a major uphill struggle on your hands if you try and tackle the Revere Advanced Point Count.

The life story of Revere is presented and explained in his book. His passion for blackjack began at a very young age and left a mark on the young boy, who then went on to study mathematics at university where he used his education to good use by cultivating some of the principles he then later relied upon when gambling and making wagers.

In his first book, entitled “Playing Blackjack as a Business”, Revere identified that he became a prominent feature of the casino industry,  as he worked initially as a dealer, before moving up the ranks and being promoted to pit boss.

However the “Playing Blackjack as a Business” book was solely intended as a vanity project for Revere to flatter his own ego by writing about his worldly accomplishments. Revere also outlined and explained in great detail a series of different systems that the average player can make use in order to aid them with the learning process.

These are as follows (and listed in terms of the level of both difficulty, and power they present to the player).

Revere Five Count

Revere Ten Count

Revere Plus-Minus

Revere Point Count

Revere also claimed in his book that the Revere Advanced Point Count was created as a direct result of him being barred from playing or even entering, any of the casinos listed in the Nevada geographic area. He also asserts that the system is the most powerful in the world, and that it is yet to be bested by another equivalent system.

The following is the values that Revere apportioned to each of the cards, under the point system. 2 and 7 where given a value of +2, 3,4 and 6 were given a value of +3 and the 5 was given a value of +4.

All of the royal cards, plus 10 were all given a value of -3, and Aces as well as 9 being given a value of -1.

According to Revere, if the player relied upon his Advanced Point Count System then they would be able to secure a victory with a flat bet, and even better, the player could increase the value of the bets wagered to 2 betting units. This he noted, would increase their edge to a grand total of 4.24%.
Revere sold the blackjack systems he had developed for an average value of $200, and these packages typically included the blackjack strategies for blackjack games that made use of one and four decks of cards at a time. The system managed to achieve a betting correlation with a value of 1.00 which actually means it is flawless!
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