Revere Plus Minus Blackjack System Explained

Lawrence Revere, the author of the book “Playing Blackjack as a Business” was a little concerned that total sales for his book would be limited by virtue of the fact that it was overshadowed by the release of the books published by Dr. Thorp and such as the “Beat the Dealer.” However, Revere, who first released his own book back in 1971 managed to achieve a cult following, not to mention a highly devoted fan base who were more than impressed with the quality of his writing and advice.

One of the most refreshing things about Revere is that he is totally upfront about his accomplishments, abilities and the level of experience he has. Not once does he pretend to claim any sort of monopoly on the blackjack strategy writing world, nor does he try and belittle other writers. Instead, he writes in a very direct, objective and factual manner which is designed to provide the reader with as much information as they require.

To better achieve this result, he takes the time to subject a few different types of blackjack systems to the same rigorous test conditions and then identifies the benefits and drawbacks of each of these systems and reports them as he finds them.  For the novice player, who is undoubtedly looking for a cheap and cheerful solution to the difficult learning curve involved in the process, he outlined the details for a system that would allow the players to learn the process in a matter of moments.

However, the drawback with this system was that it was weak and poorly drafted, with little real power. To compensate for that, he provided the consumer with the “Revere Plus Minus” system.

The Revere Plus Minus system was designed and created as a counting system of one level, and where the values apportioned to each of the different cards were very similar to other cards that had came along. According to Plus Minus, 2-6 were dubbed the “small cards” and so each of them were given a value of +1 as soon as they were taken away from the deck of cards.

The Aces and all cards with a value of ten would be classed as having a value of -1 when they were removed from the deck and the 7-9 were excluded from the counting system altogether due to their neutral state.

For instance, Revere informs the player that if the count should happen to be equal to +1 or higher, then they should not stand if their current hand values 12 in the event that the dealer has 3-6. Revere provided a range of different strategies and it is crucial to appreciate that to list them all would be a waste of time, given that there are plenty of resources out there that provide the same information in a much clearer format.

In essence, Revere’s approach was for the player to place a wager that was directly influenced by and with respect to the value of the count. Therefore, the player should always ensure that they wagered a single unit of betting if the count was identified as being valued at +1 or less, and 2 units if the count was estimated at +2 or higher.

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