Reverse Labouchere Blackjack System Explained

In case you are wondering, yes, Reverse Labouchere is indeed an offshoot and variation of the Labouchere, however, the reverse version is slightly different from its vanilla counterpart and so it is in your best interests to make sure that you study these subtle differences carefully.

Under the provisions of the Reverse Laouchere system, the player will be required to add the value of the bet onto the end of the series. In the event that the player should be unsuccessful with their bet then they will have to ensure that they cross off both the first and final number in the sequence.

The primary motivation behind this system was to try and ensure that the player would be able to ride the crest of a winning streak by ensuring that they slowly but steadily incremented their value of their bets during a winning streak.

However, unlike other progressive system such as the Parlay system, with the Reverse Labouchere system the player has to make sure that they strike off the numbers on the list as and when they lose. Once all the numbers in the sequence have been duly struck off the player will then be required to cut their losses.

It is often strongly recommended that novices experiment with this betting system on their computer, by means of a program simulation in order to ensure that they actually understand what it is they are doing and how it will ultimately influence their strategy and gaming session.

The following is intended as an explanation as to what the player should do in the event that they find themselves facing an equal set of both wins and losses with no appreciable difference either way.

Let us say for the sake of argument that we are relying on a 1,2,3 series.

An initial bet of 4 betting units is wagered  and I win, which means that the number 4 is then added to the end of the series which brings it to 1,2,3,4.

By virtue of this, this means that the next bet that I play will be worth 5 betting units.

Unfortunately,  my luck runs out on this round and so I then strike off the first and last numbers in my series which would mean that all that is left is 2,3. I decide to increase my bet to 5 betting units and I manage to win which means that I add the 5 to my series to generate 2,3,5.

This is intended to give an overview of the manner in which the system works, however, in order to secure your chances of long term success, make sure that you continue to work with it.

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