Virtual Dogs are offered at many online casinos although all are not equal. As a pro punter your first job is to calculate the actual probability of each selection and the over round of the combined odds. This is not a complex task so let me advise you on how you can calculate these figures.

Firstly you need to convert the actual odds on offer in to a percentage. Don’t worry this is not as difficult as at first you may have thought. We will use the actual odds on offer at the Virgin Casino Virtual Dogs game.

We recommend Virgin Casino because they are a tried, trusted and established online casino with a superb record in regards to fast cash outs, multiple deposit options, including even PayPal plus of course they are a brand you can trust. Virgin Casino is part of the Virgin Group which is one of most well known companies in the world so you can rest assure that the game play at Virgin Casino is fair and your deposits are safe unlike many other online casinos. Better still Virgin Casino offer our players an exclusive £150 bonus plus on every pound you spend you earn Vpoints. Vpoints can be traded for either cash or great rewards such as return flights to Vegas. Extra money in the form of a bonus or cash back means extra profit for us!

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Convert Odds to a Percentage

To convert fractional odds to a probability percentage we simply divide the right hand side of the fraction by the total of both sides of the fraction then multiply the total by 100. Confused? Well don’t be! Let me show you a few examples.

Let’s look at the odds for the Virgin Casino Virtual Dogs game.

Dog 1 – 2/1

Dog 2 – 3/1

Dog 3 – 4/1

Dog 4 – 6/1

Dog 5 – 9/1

Dog 6 – 14/1

Let’s start by changing the odds of dog 1 to a percentage.

We start by taking the right hand side of the fraction which in the case of dog 1 is 2/1 so we use 1, and then we divide this figure by the sum of both sides of the fraction which of course is 2 + 1 which equals 3.

So we divide 1 by 3 which equals 0.33

Now we simply multiply by 100 so our 0.33 now becomes 33%.

It’s as easy as that. So for the Virgin Casino Virtual Dogs the individual percentages and the total probability is as follows.

2/1 33%

3/1 25%

4/1 16%

6/1 14%

9/1 10%

14/1 7%

The total probability is 33+25_16+14+10+7 which equals 105%.

So we now know the over round (the house edge on the odds offered) is just 5%.  You will find that on many betting outcomes the over round in many cases is 20% to 25%.

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Bankroll Requirements

Your bankroll should be sufficient to bet on 50 races. Playing our system at Virgin Casino you can play for as little as 10p per race so you can start with a bank roll of 10p x 50 which of course is just £5.

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Dutching

Dutching is a gambling phrase which simply means spreading the risk by backing more than one selection in a race or event. For our Virtual Dogs strategy we are going to back two selections each race.

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Using the System

Our system simply involves backing the same 2 selections each race over a total of 50 races. This is just a basic system and we will be adding more advanced systems in the following weeks.

All you need to do is back dog 1 and dog 2 in each of the 50 races. Your stake for each dog should be 1/100th of your starting bankroll. If your bankroll is £100 then the stake for each dog should be £100/100 which is £1 per dog and of course £2 per race.

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Stage 1

Simply back dog 1 and dog 2 for each of the 50 races. Do not increase or lower your bets each race. Also DO NOT back any other dog. Some do get distracted as they see dogs at longer prices winning but moving away from the short price dogs is a major mistake.

Let’s say you have a bankroll of £100 so you are placing bets of £1 on dog1 and dog2 on each of the fifty races

If dog1 wins then you win your bet on dog1 but lose you bet on dog2 so you win £1.

If dog2 wins then you lose your bet on dog1 but win your bet on dog2 so you win £2.

If dog1 and dog2 fail to win then you lose £2.

Virtual Dogs Strategy – Stage 2

After completing 50 races with a little luck you should be in profit. Stage 2 of out Virtual Dogs System involves a further 20 races. For each race we bet we risk 1/20th of our bankroll and recalculate our bet after each race.

So for race 1 let’s say we have £200.

We simply divide £200 / 20 to give us £10.

Our stake for each dog for race 1 would be £5 (£5 + £5 = £10)

Let’s say we are unlucky and we lose both bets in race 1 so we now have £190.

Our stake for race 2 would be £190 / 20 = £9.50 which would mean that the bet for each dog would now be £9.50/2 which equals £4.75

If during race 1 dog2 had won at odds of 3/1 then our bankroll would have risen to £220 so our next bet would be £220 /20 – £11 which would mean betting £5.50 on each dog.

After you have completed all 20 races of stage 2 of our Virtual Dogs System then if you want to play on you should return to stage 1 of the system.

Virtual Dogs System – Practice Makes Perfect

Before playing for real money take the time to play for play money using our Play Virtual Dogs No Deposit Required game. Our version runs exactly in the same manner as the Virgin Casino real money version.

Take a Bonus for Added Value

Don’t play without a bonus! Virgin Casino offer our readers an exclusive £150 bonus which means even if you are unlucky and lose a few pounds with our Virtual Dogs System you can still cash out a profit. Remember Virgin Casino also award Vpoints on every pound you spend which of course is another form of added value.

Virtual Dogs System – System Rules

Always opt for the 6 dog race rather than the 8 dog race.

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Play for fun and enjoyment.

Stick firmly to out bankroll suggestions. Don’t chase losses by increasing your bets.

Take the time to practice before playing for real money.

Never play without a sign up bonus.

Good luck!