Wong Halves Blackjack Card Counting System Explained

A word of caution before you read the remainder of this article: if you are a novice to gambling in general, and struggle to count cards (or do not even know what I am talking about) then the Wong Halves card counting system is likely to be outside your reach. The Wong Halves Blackjack System is a system that is best reserved for intermediate to advanced blackjack players who have some proficiency with the game as a whole.

If you are just starting out with blackjack, then you should really think about getting to grips with either “Hi-Lo” or “Knockout” before trying to conquer what has been widely recognised as the toughest system around.

Wong Halves was first referenced in 1975 by Stanford Wong who was the author of the book “Professional Blackjack”.

Despite the steep learning curve associated with this card counting system, the Wong Halves approach has proven itself especially popular and the reason for this is no secret: it happens to be one of the most effective and accurate card counting systems around.

The simple truth of the matter is this: this is one system that you cannot hope to learn or become proficient with in the space of a day. You will need to commit a significant amount of time to the study of this system, and the bulk of that time will be committed solely to the memorization of so called point values.

The values are listed as follows:

Wong Halves Card Point Values
2       3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10        A
+0.5   +1       +1      +1.5      +1      +0.5          0       -0.5         -1         -1

Many people who have attempted to study this system at sometime or another in their life have reported that the major stumbling block for them has been these half values.

At first glance, it would seem that the values apportioned to each of the different cards is no big deal, and fairly simple to come to terms with. However, it is important to factor in the various distractions commonly found in a casino which will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the gambler as they try and calculate the fractions in their head.

Remember, the Wong Halves system is balanced which means that once a deck has been counted, the value of the count must be reset at 0. Again, this is deceptively straightforward, at least, on a superficial examination of the issue.

The inclusion of this rule means that players who are in the midst of a blackjack game with multi deck of card will be forced to convert the value of running counts into a true count.

In order to competently work out a true count it is necessary to divide the value of the running cost by the number of decks that are left to be played

Some people have tried to make the Wong Halves process easier on themselves by doubling all of the values involved, thereby to deal with round numbers rather than fractions. Whilst this makes life a little easier, it does not make a huge dent on the ease of the process.

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